The Organization’s customer driven approach to business manifest in all areas of manufacturing process is supported by a Corporate Center spread over a 3000 Sq. ft. area in Chennai, South India. This Office is widely accepted as a head office to the manufacturing plan at Kanyamabadi and is well equipped with latest equipments and Its infrastructure to keep every process and information in tact.

The manufacturing plant in Kaniyambadi, about 150 kms from city of Chennai, is spread over an area of 4 hectares where all the core factory work is done. The plant is well equipped for the production of quality Steel Casting to meet International Standards with the availability of most modern equipments in the field of Casting and Foundry.

Competetive Infrastructure :
Three Induction furnaces of capacity 1.8 tonnes each
Heat treatment furnace facility for 100 % production (Calibrated to AP16A) with Automatic Quenching Facility
Proficient in house Machining Capabilities with capacity of machining casting up to 1.5 Tons weight, using CNC machine
Exceptional Packing Facilities
Manpower capabilities at glance :
A corporate vision cannot be translated into reality, unless there’s a workforce that wholeheartedly shares it. Realising this, at Samco, we have spared no efforts to communicate our vision to our employees. Samco employs 300 employees, and has distinct creditability of functioning without any manpower loss due to Labor unrest for the past 25 Years.

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